Nice Orange Ralph Lauren large sz pants still look if i was u I would get it now kopy...guys
Nice spring/fall Mets large sz jacket still like New only worn once....maybe twice no more then that kopy so if u like the Mets u should like this
Nice Mets blue & orange medium sz Jersey in good condition kopy guys so if u are interested get wit me guys...
Nice navy blue & red Fila L sz hoodie only worn once so still like New... Trust me u love it
Nice CDG (comme des garcons) shirt. Only been worn like twice & no lie it also gotta lil'stain on the collor but very easy 2get out kopy....other then that nice price or deal for a real authentic CDG shirt especially a exclusive Alice And wonderland version buddy..not bad if i was u I would get it buddy.. Kopy
Not bad New york giants & New York Mets & G-star raw snapback hats@ a good price only $25 for jus 1 & only $40 for all 3 kopy...
Nice red & navy blue Fila logo large sz sweatshirt....very awesome around this time only worn 2 or U would love it
Nice large sz Tommy Hilfiger Big H logo sweater ....color red & navy blue only worn once or twice kopy... trust me u love it
Nice red medium as Adidas track suit only worn once...very exactly nice late Christmas outfit don't u think....guys