i'm looking for old flip phones, slider phones , and bar phones.
I really want to read more and add to my collection but I can t afford to keep doing so! :(
My grandmas records were ruined during Sandy. She s been depressed since my grandfather passed and I d love to cheer her up by giving her a great collection of records! She used to listen to them all the time with my grandpa!! Thank you so much!!
Looking for a food Dehydrator. Hoping someone has one they no longer need. Will pick up promptly. Thank you.
Hi all, just checking to see if anyone has any newborn hand-me-downs before we go out a purchase new. I have heard how quickly they age out of the stuff, so thought I would check her first. Alternately, does anyone have any suggestions for secondhand stores that stock newborn stuff (Halo/bassinets, clothes, etc)? We have a few months, so trying to get a head start. Thanks!
I'm looking for 2 propane tanks. Empty or filled.
looking for a working bread maker. thanks!
Our computer just crashed and we need the Quicken 2016 disc to attempt to reload our data. Does anyone have this disc to us? Feels pretty desperate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Anyone have bamboo that needs thinning? I need some for a few garden projects. Thanks!
Looking for a food dehydrator. Really hope someone has one they no longer use. I really would love to have one. I will pick up promptly. Thank you.
I'm in need of bridge tables to display items for a tag/garage sale the weekend of 10/26-27-28. This is the first time I'm using freecycle so please forgive me if I'm not sure what to do. I suppose when you respond to this request-thank you!-I'll get an email about it and you can choose a place to meet. I'll post the tables as an "offer" after that weekend to pay it forward and give them to som...
Looking for 16"-24" working flat screen TV
Hello everyone we are looking for clothes nb 0-3 months diaper bag bibs blankets binkys bottles diapers wipes cradle travel system combo pretty much everything for a new baby we had our last baby be for this one 5 years ago we drive so we can pick up every little bit helps
Dear Sir/Madam: I am looking for a working used laptop. Thanks, Dave
Hello all, I am looking for a paper shredder, I can pick up from your location. Thank you!
Looking for a doll house. Thanks for reading,
In need of working bicycle pump. Thank you,
I looking for small acrylic paints multi colors the more the better than any art supplies to be used for a kindness rock project.... Brushes, acrylic sealer. mod podge etc... Thank-you,,, quick pick up promised...
We are a newlywed couple looking for a working RV/Camper to live in. We will take anything that drives and is liveable.
Looking for two matching table lamps. It's okay if they don't work. It's for play prop.
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